Cause Index

South African Zionist Federation

The South African Zionist Federation’s annual objectives are the same every year and are as follows:-
2.1.1 to hold functions for the Jewish Community to commemorate and celebrate significant dates in the Jewish calendar, including:-
• Yom Hazikaron
• Yom Haátzmaut
• Yom Yerushalayim
• Yom Rabin
2.1.2 to provide support for the Zionist Youth Movements.
2.1.3 to educate and entertain members of the Jewish Community in the history, politics and culture of Israel.
2.1.4 to bring Israeli artists from the different cultural fields – art, music, dance, theatre – to South Africa to perform at community events.
2.1.5 to organise educational seminars and activities around Israeli issues involving members of the Jewish Community.
2.1.6 to organise conferences on a national level in order to liaise with the various branches of the organisation that are spread throughout South Africa.