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Southern African Association of Youth Clubs

Since its inception in 1937, the Southern Africa Association of Youth Clubs (SAAYC) has been involved with transforming young people in South Africa. It has grown into a bigger institution, which has gone through a number of transformations and change of government policies, from apartheid to the currently democratic government, aimed at empowering all Southern African young people to gain their independence, realize their self-worth, develop a positive image about themselves and restore their dignity. Like any other organization, SAAYC continued to transform and challenge itself to meeting the needs of the growing youth population.

SAAYC provides training and programme support services to youth leaders, youth clubs, individuals, professionals, youth workers and youth organisations and structures from our head office and through our resource centers. Our services include development of, and training in leadership skills; gender training; policy and advocacy for youth work; computer training; youth camps and holiday programs for young women and men.