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Southern Cape Fire Protection Association NPC

The organisations primary objectives are to (a) empower local communities to become more aware of the risks of fire, (b) capacitate them to act proactively to reduce the hazards and vulnerability of assets, (c) allow them to act as a first response to fire emergencies, (d) initiate integrated fire management in the most cost effective way possible, and (e) ensure that members comply to legislation.
In so doing, communities become safer and are more prepared in the event of a fire emergency. Through the creation of an enabling framework and greater awareness, fewer ignitions will result in less spread and easier suppression of veld fires.

The SCFPA is a registered Non-Profit Company and all funds received by the company, by law, must be used to improve the services it provide to its members. This is done through a wide range of activities, programs and services.
All is summed up in the phrase “Integrated Fire Management”, which includes: early warning systems such as the Advanced Fire Information System, automated weather stations, lightning detection system, daily FDI’s from the South African Weather Service, as well as equipment (handheld tools, vehicles, radios etc.), drone assistance, awareness, meetings, fire risk assessment, National Veld and Forest Fire Act assistance and advice, training (basic firefighting, Incident Command System, simulations etc.), fire management plans, smoke detection plans, Fire Management Unit (FMU) management, firefighting management, including aerial support organization, Working on Fire teams with management and transport for prevention and suppression, support with fire related issues on local, district and provincial level and discount on different levels for members.

For any additional information, please contact our office at (044) 302 6912