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Southern Lodestar Foundation

The Southern Lodestar Foundation, founded by André Redinger, is a registered NPO, based in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
As founder of the Millhouse Group, Redinger established the foundation as a vehicle and platform to connect people, nutrition and food within the African landscape. This with the goal to ensure knowledge and nutritious foods are more accessible to all, for the growing and flourishing minds and bodies of all people.
“Our passion is to feed, nurture and grow communities through knowledge and nutrition, as we believe that no one can reach their full potential on an empty stomach,” explains Redinger.
The Southern Lodestar Breakfast Programme is the corner stone of the work we do and platform to achieving our objectives.
Redinger founded the Dream Team within the Foundation to identify and develop fellow Africans who can reach the top in their respective distances as ultra runners. The team serves as both an inspiration to our children and an example that, within the Southern Lodestar Foundation community, anything is possible no matter your circumstances.