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Sparrow Schools Educational Trust

Sparrow Schools Educational Trust

Sparrow Schools Educational Trust is a registered non-profit organisation that provides affordable, specialised education to disadvantaged and children with learning disabilities between the ages of 7 and 18. Sparrow Schools Educational Trust runs two separate educational projects and a Learner Support Unit.
Situated in Johannesburg, our projects cater for around 600 learners annually. These learners have varying degrees of educational backlog, remedial problems, learning difficulties and/or intellectual disabilities.

Some of the Objectives of Sparrow Schools Educational Trust is to:

Prepare skilled graduates for the workplace through the delivery of relevant and appropriate vocational and life skills.
Develop curricula that meet the needs of industries and the learners we serve.
Provide social interventions that encompass the whole child.
Provide educational and psychological therapy to ensure that the learner’s educational progress is not unnecessarily delayed.
Provide an environment in which a learner may fulfill their educational potential