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Special Wings Foundation

Special Wings Foundation

The Special Wings Foundation was started in 2012 with the express purpose of raising funds for the education and therapy of very special little children, little children with special needs, little children like Brett Nash.

Brett has special needs and attends a special needs school in Johannesburg, where he and his fellow students receive the very best education money can buy. The reality that these children face is there are very limited public resources available to cater for special needs. As a result these children have to attend private special needs schools, at a much higher cost. As the education is of such a high standard and the results are just so amazing, we are committed to keep our children at their school.

The foundation was started with these children in mind, but they have inspired us to aim much higher and focus our efforts at raising funds not only for them, but for other very deserving special children in need of education sponsorships.

Therefore, each of the events that the Special Wings Foundation will organize will be enabling these special needs children to get a better opportunity at a better education and a brighter future.