Cause Index

Spectra Entrepreneurs Club

Our objectives as stipulated in our constitution:

A. Assisting Schools/NPO’s
B. Assisting people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a progressive,
degenerative disorder of the central nervous system.
C. Assisting the entry of unemployed people, retrenchees into
employment or self-employment
D. Halfway Houses – Providing accommodation to homeless and
rehabilitated addicts, assisting them in rehabilitation

A. Schools/NPO’s
School education is the foundation of the future leaders of our country. Like any business schools/npo’s need funds to run properly. The three sources of school funding is:
Ø State subsidies – only about 33%-NPO’s get none
Ø School fees – public schools do not have to charge fees and no learner may be turned away if they cannot pay .Parents who cannot afford fees must apply for exemption. The problem is that most schools are struggling to in school fees. Thus…
Ø Fund raising is the only solution for this problem and we assist with this.
B. Multiple sclerosis ( MS )
Is a progressive, degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, including the brain, the optic nerve, and spinal cord. The disease affects various parts of the nervous system by destroying the myelin sheaths that cover the nerves and leaving scar tissue called plaques, ultimately resulting in destruction of the nerves. This process is known as sclerosis.
Symptoms vary, experience episodes of dizziness; emotional changes; blurred or double vision; a feeling of tingling and/or numbness, especially in the hands and feet; loss of balance and/or coordination; muscular stiffness; nausea and vomiting; slurred speech; tremors; weakness and/or fatigue; difficulty breathing. As the disease progresses, a person with MS may have trouble walking and develop a staggering gait. In the advanced stages, movement may become more spastic, and paralysis and breathing difficulty may occur. Bowel and bladder problems, especially chronic urinary incontinence or urgency.The disease follows a pattern of periodic flare-ups. It progresses slowly, disappearing for periods of time but returning intermittently, often in progressively more severe attacks.The cause of MS is not known and there is no known cure for the disease. However, a implant that will reduce the above symptoms. Can be done, thus enhancing the quality of life of MS sufferers. The cost of the operation will be in the region of R100 000. Your membership to the club and/or donations, will contribute towards this project. Your support will be appreciated.

The ever-changing South Africa is having far- reaching consequences for people who recently graduated from school, technikon, university or who have been retrenched. Jobs are less secure and careers less predictable as many businesses restructure. Change, uncertainty and upheaval touch every aspect of our lives. Formal employment is restrictive. At Spectra Entrepreneurs Club we assist the entry of unemployed people, retrenchees into employment or self- employment. Providing employers with suitable candidates for vacancies.
Setting up of halfway houses assisting under privileged people, rehabilitated alcoholics, drug addicts and supporting them with their rehabilitation in helping them with skill development, flexibility, adaptability, and a greater role in improving on their own functioning in society and in the home. Focusing on vocational planning since job success contributes immeasurably to the sense of self- esteem. The inclusion of the family in psychotherapeutic treatment that is helpful in that it enables the family to better understand the problem and also helps to maintain their own mental health
Your participation by investing in our products/services and/or becoming a partner of our club from only R490 once off per year will contribute in the accomplishment of our objectives as stipulated.