Cause Index


To REACH, RESTORE and EQUIP the community of Springs and surrounding areas with the establishment of poverty relief programs (soup kitchens / home based care centres / gardens), counselling centres, shelters for the homeless, centres for abused woman and children, centres for abused / traumatized children and HIV / AIDS centres in the surrounding townships.

The idea is not to reinvent the wheel, but to partner with existing places that already have some of these programs running. As we are a section 21 company, we will ensure that everyone that does partner with us, will be above board and transparent. Where no program(s) exist, we will investigate and implement working models to ensure that those who are truly in need of the type of assistance will benefit. We will also co-ordinate our response to disasters under the Disaster Management Team to once again ensure that those in need receive that which they need most.

To feed the hungry in the community with our various feeding schemes.
To equip the hungry with skills so that they would be able to look after themselves and pay it forward.
To help with the healing process - emotionally and spiritually.
To help abused woman and children.