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SSNet is a registered Non Profit Company that focuses on partnering and networking towards the fulfilling of the Great Commission in Sudan and South Sudan.

Matthew 28:19: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”

One out of four people on earth have nobody to show them Jesus. How will they know if nobody shows them? It is our responsibility to tell those who have not yet heard (Matthew: 28v19).

Sudan (including South Sudan) is currently the 6th most persecuted in the world. They have by far the highest number of unreached people groups of any country in Africa. These regions have been greatly been affected by wars.

One of the main objectives of SSNet is to connect needs and resources for the Sudanese that are suffering severely. These include:

Providing relief to war victims
Support of humanitarian and development activities for poor and underprivileged
Christian education in a hostile environment
Help physically disabled people
Networking with agencies that share common goals