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The Staff Wise Trust

Staffwise is a Jewish job centre providing recruitment and career services. Committed to reducing Jewish unemployment, Staffwise drives employment projects and socio-economic empowerment initiatives that enhances Jewish continuity and communal prosperity.
1. Employment services: with over 600 successful placements in the past 5 years alone and an 87.78% successful placement rate, we assist our client organisations with all matters relating to employment, placements, talent sourcing and temping. Employment services include:
a. Recruitment Services to over 250 commercial clients and 48 communal organisations.
b. Assessment and placements services: psychometric testing, admin and finance skill tests, scenario and competency-based assessment.
c. Manpower strategies and succession planning services: to 48 communal organisations.

2. Career services: 1277 job seekers and freelancers have enjoyed one or more of the following services from us over the past 5 years:
a. Career assessment and counselling services
b. Referral and networking services
c. Freelance helpdesk services

3. Employment Projects: specialised projects and initiatives aiming to support communal sectors with employment vulnerabilities.