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Stellar Foundation

Stellar Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation which aims to improve the lives of all the labourers on the Stellar Multi-Estate, as well as the lives of people and children in our immediate community.

Ideas driven by the community that inspire change have the best chance of succeeding. But in order to blossom, ideas need a little help along the way. That’s where the Stellar Foundation comes in.

Stellar Foundation grew from Stellar Winery’s fair trade programme which began in 2004. It was set up as an independent NPO to manage social and economic development projects on the farms and in the towns and villages near the winery. Our projects, the people we help and our supporters are our main focus at Stellar Foundation.

We have a wide variety of projects that aim to help people in any situation and need. The Stellar Foundation's diverse community projects range from providing hungry tummies with food or even showing them how to plant their own gardens, to brightening up the lives and schools of the children who go there. We believe that education and proper nutrition are two of the most important factors in early childhood development, and that is why we support a feeding scheme at Steilhoogte Primary, our neighbouring farm school.

The Stellar Multi-Estate is spread over a large area and for workers and their families on these widespread and sparsely-populated farms, getting to a doctor or clinic can be a struggle. For this reason and because we believe in the value of pre-emptive health care, Stellar Primary Health Care was started in partnership with Life Healthcare South Africa. Run by registered nursing sister Kim Roux, the service offers regular basic check-ups, screening for lifestyle disease, facilitating delivery of chronic medicine, follow-ups, health education sessions and much more.