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St john the divine Orphans and Outreach

St john the divine Orphans and Outreach

NPO Number: 064-728-NPO
Company registration Section21 Number: 2005/028734/08
PBO Section 18A Number: 979/821/14/3
BEE Status: 100% Black owned 100%

Our Vision

Our vision is to take care of orphans and vulnerable children, remove the stigma, alleviate poverty and suffering by facilitating programs that make a change in our community.


We operate in accordance with children acts. Bana Pele system, this is a Tswana idiom simply translated to " children first". it takes a village to raise a child. We help them to develop independency and ability to make free responsible choices.

Main Objective
To identify all orphans and vulnerable children in our community, register them to our data base, promote and mobilize all their basic needs in accordance with South African Constitution of children rights.

Our Model

Our model is a home based care, where children are not in an institution, but stay in their own home environment under the guidance of grannies, relative, siblings and foster parents. In this type of model, children are likely to experience a family environment over that of being an orphan this is because they enjoy living at home and using all community facilities as other young people, they will grow up under a family traditional, cultured environment.


As a home based model we do daily home visits with our child care givers who identifies, assess and refer all different challenges to professional staff members.

The following programs help us to address all the children's different needs:

1. Food security and food garden.

2. Education.

3. Homework assistance.

4. Counselling and parental care.

5. Health.

6. Sports and recreation.

7. Camps and christmas parties.

8. Access of shelter, Identity documents and all different types of children's grants.

9. Child safety and security (victim empowerment).

This is our most important programme that we use to teach our beneficiaries (children) all different types of abuse and encourage them to speak out so as to get early intervention and empower them to know their rights and where to go for help and support.

10. Story telling. This is one of our monitoring tool.

Were our beneficiaries are pouring out they emotions in appreciation to what the organization has done and is doing to them; through the help of donors and funders. This become a deciding factor that compels someone to support or continue to support the organization.


1. From 2002 up to date, we have reached our main objective of identifying, registering, developing our children's self-esteem.

2. We have build trust between our organization as well as other stake holders.

3. Our children are able to live freely and have the confidence to use their talents.

4. The are able to represent the organization with self belief both locally and nationally. This gives an evidence of self esteem and confidence to our children.