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STOP Trafficking Of People NPC (STOP) exists to combat human trafficking. We are a registered Non-Profit Christian Organization and our aim is to combat human trafficking through prevention. We do this by raising awareness, doing activism, supporting those on the front lines and running Prevention Versus Cure (Our online scam vetting agency).

In addition STOP endeavours to mobilize and empower individuals and communities to use the safety tools available to them; to get proper structures in place and to partner with other organizations in the field to ensure optimal efficiency in combating slavery.

Founded in 2008, today we have teams functioning in different South African Provinces and have assisted in starting awareness teams in other countries.

We love what we do and we truly believe that prevention is a game-changer. Prevention can empower individuals and communities without them having to go through the trauma of exploitation and slavery. Prevention is key.

All operations conducted by STOP rely solely on donations – partner with us and donate here.