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Streams Of Living Water Church

Vision is soul winning church planting, healing and deliverance John 7:37-39) and also help the poor,homeless and patients who need help in hospitals.

Our mission is to propagate the ministry of Jesus Christ ,through preaching and teaching of the world of God to all nations as sets out in the following bible texts: Mathew 28:18-20,Mark 16:15-18.
1. The church shall provide a ministry of the word of God through planting of church, organization of para-church ministries and institution in order to reach any person irrespective of race, color, gender or nationality.
2. The church shall propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all parts of the world through any means, such as church services, prayer meetings, home cells, witnessing campaigns, outreach programs, radio, television or any other means that are appropriate and acceptable in terms of the laws of the land.
3. The primary function of the church shall be preaching of gospel of the Jesus Christ and teaching of the Word of God.
4. Secondary to the church‘s vision shall be to provide education in general, such as setting up schools and colleges ,health education ,poverty alleviation , and relief services. These shall be practiced as long as they do not interfere with main vision of the church or its primary objectives.

Tuesdays: Bible study at 18:00pm to 20:00pm
Wednesdays: Intercession prayer at 18:00pm to 20:00pm
Saturdays: Worship team rehearsal at 14:00pm to 16:00pm, Prayer at 18:00pm to 20:00pm

The church support the following ministries
Prison Ministry
- where the church visits prisons in town to offer
prayers and food.
Street ministry
- church supports children who live in streets by
offering them food, clothes.
Hospital Ministry
- the church visits the hospitals in town to offer
prayers, food and clothes
The church faces some problems in supporting these
ministries because they require more funds or
donations in order to be accomplished.