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Summerhill House

At SUMMERHILL HOUSE children’s home we want to give kids the one thing that they’ve lost-Family. Families help a child feel safe, loved, secure and ready to thrive, so that’s why our “model” mirrors a family unit as closely as possible. Each of our 4 prospective houses will be home to 6 children and 1 housemother.

The children that will find their home at SUMMERHILL HOUSE will have come from a life that has been tainted by HIV Aids, death or a great loss of some kind. These children will be fostered through to adulthood and given everything they need to thrive. Their education will be facilitated from primary through to tertiary, so that they stand the best possible chance in life and are able to contribute to the world around them.

Our full project plan involves the following:
Multipurpose building (for crèche/homework/youth/church)
Building of 4 houses (to accommodate a house mother and 6 children in each)
Soccer/Netball Pitch

Our financials are audited every year.