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Supernews™ is a multi-media online inspiring news & new ideas network. Positioned as the ‘Robin Hood’ of the News Industry and the ’the Reuters of citizen-powered news’, Supernews™ is literally creating a Paradigm Shift in our perception of South Africa and Africa by offering a more uplifting, innovative and solution-driven news perspective: a) by changing the content of the news as we know it - one compelling news story at a time, one BIG idea at a time - which will increase awareness, change systems, influence new ways of thinking, raise our expectations of ourselves and South Africa and give us HOPE, b) by democratising the news-making process by creating a scalable movement through social mobilization called a Citizen Journalist Network, that Supernews™ will train up to capture, report, publish and distribute citizen-generated Supernews™ content , and c) by attracting and investing in the next wave of talent and leadership in South Africa who will provide innovative solutions to local challenges impacting the country, and originate exciting new ideas that can also be shared with the continent and potentially the world.