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We all love a good fictional superhero, they can shrink down to the quantum realm or jump over a building in a single bound. Real scientists, real people, have just as amazing powers! Scientists can see individual atoms within a molecule, read the DNA of a single cell in a tumor, and peer back in time to when black holes collided. They have saved millions of lives through their research and technological advances and are solving questions today that people have asked for millenia.

SuperScientists was developed to inspire young people and help them see themselves in the faces and life stories of scientists working today. SuperScientists makes learning hands-on and fun, while providing rich information about science and scientists to people young and old.

As a project of the South African non-profit CodeMakers, we have seen how young people want access to knowledge, need to see people that reflect themselves and can do amazing things when they have resources.

Nominate a scientist or contact us to help share the superpowers of scientists as far as they can take us (super far!)