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Syafunda, which translates to “we are learning”, is an educational platform that provides access to digital content through mobile technology. Inspired by personal experiences growing up in townships where there was a shortage of textbooks and math and science teachers, Zakheni Ngubo and his team at Syafunda have decided to solve these challenges by capitalizing on South Africa’s high mobile penetration rate.

In partnering with local content developers and publishers, Syafunda sets up digital libraries in places such as township and rural schools, where connectivity is limited or nonexistent. The digital libraries have 5 Terabytes of pre-loaded content that emits wifi hotspots so anyone in the vicinity with a mobile device can access and download the material without having to pay for internet.

By incorporating open-source textbooks and direct negotiations with publishers, Syafunda provides access to digital content for high school and post-high school students, with a focus on STEM subjects and entrepreneurship, digital skills, and financial literacy to bring education to all