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Taaibosch Kei Korana Royal House

We are a Khoi and San community group that seeks justice and equality for all so called coloured people, because we believe that all so called coloured people are either Khoi and San or of Khoi and San descent. We are a forgotten nation in terms of all of our current Govt's remedial policies. We seek recognition as the Aboriginal people of Southern Africa and history and science has proven this over and over. Our people are suffering because we are being oppressed by our current Govt. The crime rate is the highest, the unemployment rate amongst our people is very high, no Govt Housing developments or free housing for our people for 3 decades. No job opportunities for so called coloureds, No Govt university bursaries for our children. Poverty is the order of the day with homelessness and hunger on a daily basis. We try and feed and to provide shelter fr everyone.