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Take A Child To School

TAKE A CHILD TO SCHOOL is a registered non-profit organisation formed by a group of ambitious and socially conscious students. The aim is to give the opportunity of quality education to an underprivileged, achieving and resourceful student. This will be achieved by financing the secondary education of a student who is progressing from primary school to secondary school and giving back through other outreach projects. TACTS was established in July 2009 and has an executive team which runs the daily operations as well as a network of members (Friends of TACTS)

Vision: Our ultimate goal is to not only to fund but to also participate in the holistic development of as many deserving and driven learners as we can. To also improve the numbers of quality and skilled learners who will one day become the future leaders and economically active individuals of our country. At the same time we want to participate in uplifting communities and giving back through a number of outreach programmes in the near future.

Mission: TACTS is committed to breaking down the barriers that underprivileged and academically gifted learners face in pursuit of their dreams. One such being the attainment of quality education, even though they may come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are therefore unable to finance their studies.