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Existing interventions designed to increase the likelihood of a female candidate successfully taking up a leadership position in a company, or starting her own company, are largely focussed on hard skills; access to resources; and mentorship. These are all very important, but they have not translated into widespread transformation in South Africa generally, and specifically in Cape Town, where we experience the highest levels of segregation.

GRRRRL Camp believes that economic transformation is central to the development of the country and an inevitable part of our evolution. Another key unavoidable evolution on our horizon is the role of artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution.

We believe that the ability to adapt to the shifts currently surfacing in our country, and globally, will drive future success.

GRRRRL Camp proposes that the adaptability required to hurdle these challenges is rooted in empathy, integration, and collaboration. We also anticipate that in the process of growing these skills (in the safe environment of GRRRRL Camp) GRRRRLs will build confidence and be exposed to new networks of support and collaboration.

Our theory of change is that by providing girls from both sectors of society with the opportunity to engage with each other, they benefit by having a diverse lived experience. In so doing they hone soft skills that will make them better at expressing themselves and better at relating to others; as well as build their own experience pool to draw from in unfamiliar contexts.

By facilitating experiences that encourage teamwork and idea sharing, we also seek to offer another network from which to draw from later in life, one that does not follow the traditional channels of religion, school affiliation or vocation, but one that is robust and diverse.