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Tami Dal

South Africa and its people are in dire need of caring hearts to mend the many broken winged among us. Too many of our people have not yet been touched by the kindness this world has to offer.
At Unite For Change we are committed to a single goal, we strive to rekindle hope and heal the broken winged. As a private, non-profit organization, we aspire to make South Africa a better place for all its people.

Volunteers are the hands and feet of our organization, therefore we need you to help us spread the kindness and revive the spirit of togetherness throughout our country. By volunteering, one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself, you can become part of the community, make a difference and still have fun!

At Unite For Change, we are dedicated to make volunteering as easy as possible for you
Our highly experienced team has over 8 years of experience in non-profit organizations and passionately seek to make a significant and meaningful difference in this country. By joining hands with a great network of clients and beneficiaries, we have been able to start making a lifetime of changes across the country.

Join our organization today and start making a difference.

Help us, help South Africa.