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TB Proof

TB Proof was started in South Africa in 2012 by health workers and health science students who had developed occupational tuberculosis (TB) and/or were passionate about TB prevention.

Our initial focus was on preventing the spread of TB in healthcare facilities through advocacy and education. Since then, we have expanded our advocacy efforts to include access to high quality TB treatment, addressing TB stigma and improving support to people affected by TB.

We are using our strengths as an advocacy organization to support community health workers as TB champions who are now also fighting against COVID-19 transmission in our communities.

We don't want a single person to get sick with TB. That is what it means to end TB and have a TB Proof world.

We aim to achieve this through combining stories and science. Through involving communities affected by TB and using the latest research, we advocate for high quality TB prevention and care.

TB Proof aims to:
(1) Build advocacy capacity among TB-affected communities and provide platforms where they can contribute to improving TB prevention and care.
(2) Mobilize resources for TB prevention and care through community activism and evidence-based advocacy in collaboration with national and global partners.
(3) Destigmatize all forms of TB through interventions aimed at improving TB knowledge in communities and by encouraging affected people to share their experiences.
(4) Advocate for safe healthcare environments for health workers and communities
(5) Pursue health equity by advocating for person-centered, high quality TB prevention and care for everyone affected by TB.

We need your help! The majority of our team are volunteers, but we require funding and resources for our projects and campaigns. Help support our work, and make this world TB Proof.