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Interpol named South Africa, "Rape Capital of the World".

In South Africa, someone is raped every 17 seconds. (Interpol)

It is estimated that a woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped than learning to read. (Interpol)

2 out of 5 South African male learners say they have been raped according to a survey carried out in 1 200 schools across the country. (Published in BioMed Central's International Journal for Equity in Health)

13800 child victims per year (MATLA A BANA – A voice against child abuse)

1 in 25 cases are actually reported to police!! (

Rape and Sexual Abuse is a worldwide epidemic, but South Africa boasts the shameful honour of having the highest statistics in the world. Every day, hundreds of men, women and children suffer some form of sexual abuse or violence, with little or no recourse due to lack of resources, social stigma and ignorance.


Our program seeks to address this by creating a comprehensive directory and information portal that will specialize in data collection and referrals to related health and welfare support services. It will provide information and advice for survivors and their families, links to stories of survivors, legal advice etc. These resources will initially be available online through a web and mobi-site. However, we aim to expand this product range over time to include a 24hour hotline manned by specially trained counsellors, and a complete and comprehensive data-based network of safe places for support, medical, legal, psychological services, counselling etc, for referral. Should we receive sufficient funding, our aim is to present educational material in the vernacular languages, in the form of simple, clear animated video clips, for ease of understanding by all sectors of the population.

In a nutshell, our aim is to be the conduit between the survivors of rape and sexual abuse and a place where they will receive treatment, support and counselling, as well as assistance with all legal procedures (from the initial report to the police through all subsequent legalities to final resolution), in a non-threatening, supportive environment.

Secondly, we hope to make a meaningful difference in helping to transform social values and norms, by increasing awareness through media campaigns and educational school programmes. We will strive to create a culture where sexuality, and the right to choose if, and when, to have intimate relations with another person, is treated with dignity and respect.