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Tebogo Kgonyane Foundation

Tebogo Kgonyane Foundation is a registered NPC that was found in January 2021 with the goal of making our country a better place because of the impact we would have made and touched the lives of the unprivileged children in our society. We seek to improve lives and uplift humanity. Our primary aim is to support and empower the unprivileged children that lack facilities to attend school and to better them for a better future:
TKF believes as Nelson Mandela believed too that every child has the right to pursue education with pure excellence, but understands not everyone has the resources to achieve that. TKF bridges that gap to success by providing exposure, inspiration and support for overlooked communities, in the form of giving those resources, programs, events and mentorship.
Our vision and Mission Our mission is to build a first-in-class organization that stands at the intersection of philanthropy and social impact. Our vision is to create a society in our communities in which every children feels comfortable and free to attend school and further their education without any hindrances of issues that are preventable. Helps develop the next generation of bold new children by providing resources, creating access to facilities. While we do our distributions, we offer talks and motivational speaking to the kids