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Tebogo Matlala

The Online School Website Directory Listing & School Administration/Management System oversees the school’s
administrative activities customized to be accessible 24/7 all year round in the scholastic environment. The App allows
the principal, teacher & administrator to update the school’s website template online using their smartphone in
TYPE-OF-PROJECT: Pilot 20 schools
VISION/MISSION: To give every child access to free online digital education in Gauteng.
OBJECTIVE: To help increase the level of communication between education department, school districts, principals,
teachers, parents, learners & their respective communities.
KO-SKOLONG install into your smartphone. Go-to your smartphone icons and look
for KO-SKOLONG icon Click to open, type in “Search” your school name. Click your school name to open
template. In your school website template Click “Update Website” complete the form, attach school profiles & submit
Through the school management system, admin shall login, add new student, teacher, and class and modify them.
Admin shall update school news. Admin shall access all the data about student related, manage the school activity and
generate time table.
Student shall login by his/her id, view study activity of his class, submit assignment online, view the news event of the
school and take and submit test online, view test results online, communicate with teacher, Teacher shall login,
communicate with admin, student and parents of the student.
Teacher shall assign assignments to this student, collect assignment of his student, submit test online, shall mark
attendance online and declare result online. Parents shall login through his/her child id, view test reports of his/her child communicate with teacher.