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Terra Cares Foundation

Terra Cares Foundation is a growing initiative by Terra Parts & Solutions. Our Team comprises of hearty individuals who just love giving time and money back to organisations and those in need.

We are non military mentalists and believe change starts with love, not war. Our mission is to inspire and ignite something in all walks of life; kindness, love, and resilience. You cannot “fight” life, as the word itself is contradictory to the end result that is inevitable. We are all reserved the privelige of an ending chapter, it is how we get to the last chapter that creates significance in our story.

We uplift organisations and individuals by structuring campaigns to raise funding, donations and volunteer work. Giving back reinforces your connection to people where in happiness is a reward shared by both sides. By supporting Terra Cares Foundation you are aiding lives in need of hope and resilience. One moment of kindness has the potential to inspire thousands.