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Thabo Malapile

Thabo Malapile Foundation offers skills capacity transfer interventions to Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches including team building and personal mastery, as well as a dedicated programme aimed at youth development for historically disadvantaged individuals.

The first phase of the programme uses experiential learning as a profound platform for young people to experience their inherent potential. The second phase is a youth inspirational tribe supporting young people in living their potential, with a specific focus on social and economic well-being.

Our Values

Diversity – means for us
To act in our highest integrity with respect, authenticity and from a place of love for all difference and uniqueness.

Openness – means for us
To accept challenges as opportunities for experience and learning while being non-judgemental toward everyone and all things.

Enthusiasm – means for us
To live and pass on our work and vision with passion, care and joy. In doing so, we strive for excellence.
We acknowledge that these core values are high aims and cannot always be realised. However, they are our orientation points and we continuously strive toward them.