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Thandanani House of Refuge

Thandanani is not an institution – it is a home. Every child deserves to reach their full potential and we strive to provide a stable, loving environment to enable our children to do just that but we cannot do it alone. We need your support to provide the daily necessities and resources these children so desperately need.

Your donation will support:
• Nutritional daily meals
• Psycho-social counseling and support
• Educational needs
• Building maintenance
• School transportation
• Child care fees

R250 (US$ 20)
• School fees per child for a month.
• Public transport costs per child for a month.

R500 (US$ 40)
• Electricity/Gas/Water per child for a month.
• Individual transport to school per child per month. (Where public transport is not available)

R1000 (US$ 80)
• Food per child for a month.
• Send a child to the YFC Youth Week camp once per year in January.
• Insurance costs per house per month.
• Security costs per month.

91% of your generous donation goes to the staff, household, and other expenses that are directly related to supporting the children.