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The Academy of Jewish Thought & Learning

The Academy is a vibrant, modern-orthodox program for Jewish thought, scholarship and education and that inspires our community with a lifelong love of Jewish learning, community service and outreach initiatives.

The South African Jewish community has greatly expanded its institutions and programmes in the last decade. Indeed, an unprecedented growth in both religious and secular institutions has led the South African Jewish community to be a powerful example for other leading diaspora communities. However, there is a noticeable gap in the area of serious textual study being offered to all members of the greater community (especially those with little training in Torah texts). Additionally a culture of discussion and debate over critical modern issues in the Jewish world has not yet been achieved within the Orthodox world in South Africa.

In the last nine years the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS), established as Jews’ College in 1855, has grown from a small institution to a world-class learning centre brimming with students. Led by its President, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, its imaginative courses, high intellectual standards, innovative tours and outreach to synagogues have earned the respect of communal leaders and created a buzz across Anglo-Jewry. Using the material and guidance of LSJS, the Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning (The Academy), is forming a new program for Jewish thought, learning and scholarship in order to create the same vibrant success in these areas within the South African Jewish context.