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The Al-Asad Charitable Foundation NPC

The Al-Asad Charitable Foundation is a self-funded charitable organisation, established for and dedicated to excellent, responsive and personalised service for Welfare, Humanitarian and Health Care purposes.

The Al-Asad Charitable Foundation supports cultural, recreational, civic, health, educational and other projects to enhance the quality of life for the community.

Our Objectives are:
- To allow provision for disaster relief.
- To provide educational skills development programmes to needy children, and physically challenged.
- To provide an anti- poverty initiative.
- To provide financial management services to community organisations.
- To develop and manage communities with monthly incomes falling within the housing subsidy eligibility requirements.
- To provide career guidance and counselling services to students
- To provide training and skills development to unemployed person with the purpose of enabling them to obtain employment.
- To provide an income supplementation to the Ulama (religious scholars) and various Muazzins.