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The Albanu Foundation

Created in South Africa, the Albanu Foundation purpose is to raise funds and awareness in order to protect the African Elephants. Linked to the Albanu company, The Albanu Foudation knows how important wildlife conservation is.

Our goals for the future will be to be able to protect most of the endangered species in Africa. For the last couple of decades the elephant population has seriously decreased due to loss of habitat, human conflicts and poaching in most of East African countries. Luckily enough in Southern Africa the number are rising again, creating new issues, such as overcrowding.

Due to that, more human-elephant conflicts are erupting with more elephants roaming outside of the reserves and into farming land. Furthermore, the overcrowding is forcing reserve to cull when they can’t organize transfer from their reserve to another.

It is on those two major issues that the Albanu Foundation will work, as well as continuing the excellent work of anti-poaching done in Southern Africa.