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The Dachshund Haven

The Dachshund Haven has been established to:

• Rescue, rehabilitate and rehome surrendered or stray dachshunds, dachshund crosses and honorary dachshunds across South Africa with people who are passionate about the breed, through networking, referrals and a fostering and rehoming programme.
• Educate the public about the breed, its needs, the importance of spaying and neutering in the effort to prevent unwanted dachshunds from being abandoned or abused, and the risks associated with breeding, as well as the risks of buying animals from the internet and pet shops, by providing a resource library of fact sheets and articles.
• Support dachshund owners across the country by providing a forum where they can ask other dachshund lovers questions or share concerns without fear of prejudice.

Our Values

At The Dachshund Haven we have six core values, which form the basis for everything we do. These values are:

1. Our dachshunds are at the heart of every decision we make.
2. If we do not look after this dachshund, no one else will.
3. Treat your rescues as you would treat your own dachshunds.
4. Always deliver what you promise: if in doubt, under promise and over deliver.
5. Nothing is gained by winning an argument. At best you will lose a supporter.
6. The reputation of TDH is in the hands of each individual volunteer.