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‘George the Rhino’ is a scaled 1:1 fibreglass replica of a white rhino and is instrumental in the campaign for the survival of rhinos globally.

Wildlife activist, Anton Fouche, created George to visually show the impact of the poaching and uses George as a tool to educate.

Anton has already pulled George over 2000 km across South Africa and his next project is a Scaffold Tower Endurance Stunt at Montecasino from the 22nd of March 2016 until the 22 of April 2016 as a fundraising event for the next leg of the project. The goal is to raise in excess of a Million Rand in that month.

The goal is for Anton to take ‘George the Rhino’ to Vietnam on a powerful visual and sensory Demand Reduction Campaign with a simple message to the people of Vietnam: “You Buy – They Die”

This project was inspired by Vanessa Wiesenmaeir of Buy No Rhino’s project in Asia last year and will be assisted by Braam Malherbe - Extreme Conservationist and Patrick Cromwell from AwesomeSouthAfricans.

‘We believe this will ultimately be key in reducing the demand to nothing in Asia, as this is the only way poaching will ever end.

The campaign falls under the DOT Foundation umbrella. Braam Malherbe, an international motivational speaker, a respected conservationist and the founder of the DOT (DO One Thing) Foundation endorses and supports this initiative very much. “The Foundation recognises applicants that are actively protecting threatened and endangered species. It’s aims to fund these initiatives to ensure longterm results”, says Malherbe and continues; “I founded The DOT Foundation because of the vital need to fund best practices in the conservation of our biodiversity. What Anton is about to do is a big DOT and hopefully each one of us will do his own DOT and support him. Together we can raise the money and help to save our rhinos.”