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The DU Centre

The DU Centre is dedicated to the development and upliftment of the community.

With more than 23 years of dedicated community service, The DU Centre is a space where love for the Creator and His word is emphasized. We remind each other that our love pushes us to work and that without love, our efforts are meaningless. When we love, we want to improve, and improving is the only way in which our lives become more meaningful.

We see the DU Centre as a platform to do great things and we do not shy away from challenges. We have tasted the sense of fulfilment that is gained from an achievement. And we are deeply satisfied when sharing and growing with others. This drives us to want to do more.

Our story is one of continued growth, based on love, and the willingness to share and have others join in our journey of discovery, learning and improvement.

Developing ourselves | Unleashing our potential