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The Forum

The South African LGBT+ Management Forum (or “The Forum”) is an inclusive, supportive network of professional lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) employee network groups that together enable professionals to contribute to their fullest potential in the workplace. We are a registered non-profit organisation working in South Africa.

Our mission is to create a safe and equitable workplace for all regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression by educating, supporting, leading, networking and celebrating.

Every employee, regardless of their otherness, should be treated equally by their employers and co-workers, as well as enjoy equal opportunities. In order for this to happen, LGBT diversity and inclusion standards need to be set and greater accountability needs to be expected from leaders in our workplaces.

We work with large businesses in South Africa to ensure that a best-in-class approach to promoting and celebrating LGBT diversity is achieved.

Our approach is focused on education and communication. We enable decision makers to apply LGBT diversity and inclusion best practices by informing them about the needs and sensitivities of LGBT people through the sharing of downloadable resources on this website and work with companies to start up and develop their own LGBT+ employee networks.

One of the core functions of The Forum will be an annual Workplace Equality Index (WEI) which seeks to benchmark the levels of LGBT equality in the RSA workplace. This benchmark helps us to celebrate best practice and to identify opportunities to shape the way we engage, educate and guide South African businesses to improve LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

As the Forum develops further we intend to expand our activities into community support, networking events, coaching and seminars