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The Friendship Circle Trust

Dear Friend,

The friendship Circle is a non-profit PBO and section 18a registered organization that gives heart and soul to our community.

We are looking for partners in our incredible endeavors. Our program is geared to families of children with remedial and special needs and our goal is to create a warm and loving environment where everyone is welcome and feels valued. We are working towards integrating and educating our community of the uniqueness each person holds regardless of their abilities.

Some programs that we currently offer include:

1) Friends @ Home- weekly home visits by our volunteers to a buddy’s home to befriend them and create an everlasting friendship.
2) Extra Murals – at little to no cost, we offer the children the opportunity to do art, karate, zumba etc getting their exercise, creativity and talents to be utilized in a space that is otherwise not available to them.
3) Life Skills Club- once a month, we take the children on a trip to experience the world around us. This includes trips to the dentist, bank, grocery store etc. This gives them the opportunity to practice appropriate social behaviors while learning and discovering career options.
4) TAC- Our Teens and Adults Club is opening a Cafe where we will have adults with special needs as our waiting staff, servers, and cooks! This helps build confidence in the work environment and real life experience.
5) Hebrew School- This year we also began our Hebrew School- a weekly program for children to learn how to read Hebrew, learn about chagim and parsha and get a full Jewish Education.
6) Taking the Township- This program includes bringing our volunteers to Centers within the townships for underprivileged children with special needs and having programs and activities with them.
These are only some of our programs- we haven’t even mentioned our Moms Night Outs, Camp, Dinners and Shabbaton!

Our costs are vast but our determination is greater! Please consider partnering with us by using the debit order attached, all your donations are tax deductible.

TOGETHER, we can make a difference!