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The Genesis Trust

The Genesis Trust - Genesis Hope South Africa, founded in 2002 as a community outreach program of the Norwegian Settlers Church, embodies a vision that transcends the boundaries of a single organization. We stand as a symbol of hope and unwavering commitment in the UGU District on the lower South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. Our mission is simple yet profound: “Love God. Serve ALL people.” We do this by meeting the physical, psycho-social, emotional, and spiritual needs of those affected by adversity. Genesis Hope South Africa has been a lifeline for many residents of the UGU District, providing a range of critical services. Their community outreach programs offer home-based care and professional nursing assistance, youth development initiatives, critical social justice initiatives, community gyms, education programmes as well as a music and surfing academy. These initiatives have touched the lives of hundreds of abandoned babies, youth, and adults in the district annually, providing feeding schemes and safe spaces for victims of immediate trauma.