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The Good Samaritan Charity

The Good Samaritan Charity

The Good Samaritan Charity
The Good Samaritan Charity is a registered NPO, entirely administered by volunteers with the principle goal to make a difference in the lives of talented people who don’t have the means to achieve their life ambitions. One of the chief principles of the charity is to be transparent, especially in an era where widespread corruption and fraud is prevalent. All financial information will be made available to members as well as proof of every cent spent to achieve the goals we set out in our constitution.
Every person who contributes funds has the option to become a member of the charity and members decide where the funds will be utilised to assist less fortunate people.

Current goals for 2017:
• We are aiming to raise funds in 2017 to provide bursaries for kids to attend schools and universities in from 2018.
• We also want to provide talented individuals with sponsorships in the form of equipment in order to assist them to become future sports stars.
• We also want to provide children with artistic and cultural aptitudes with the best possible tutelage in order to give them an opportunity to make a living out of their talents
• We want to assist children with health issues with funding and devices to give them a better quality of life and a longer life expectancy

We have a heavy focus on children and especially those who can be catapulted out of their dreadful circumstances to one day contribute to the welfare of others.
All expenditure will be approved at board level after consulting our members. All meetings will be noted and all records will be made available to members and sponsors.