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The Greatmore Studio Trust

To provide a studio environment and training in which artist can work freely and develop their creative abilities and professional skills and which provides the opportunity to build a professional practice in order to establish a career and/or employment To provide opportunities in workshops for the exchange of practice and ideas amongst participants from different communities and different cultures, promoting mutual reception, skills development. and conflict resolution. To make the arts accessible to new audience and to involve various communities in the process of art making and the exhibition of art work in order to build capacity through innovative practice and combat poverty To enrich artist practice by supporting global workshop and residency programs which enable South Africa to travel and visiting artist to share their skills here, and To implement the fundamental operating philosophy of the Trust that the activities of the Trust should be based on shared decision-making and should have regard to the following principles,- non-racialism- non-sexism- Improvement of the welfare of the beneficiary community- tolerance and mutual respect