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The Imbumba Foundation Trust

The Imbumba Foundation aims to bring about social change within South Africa through providing investment and infrastructure to poor rural communities and empowering and mentoring those who want to create better opportunities. Where willing and determined local people have proved their desire to improve the lives of the least fortunate in their society, the Foundation provides funding and facilities to help them expand their influence and effectiveness.

Our programmes are focusing on youth development and one of our biggest programmes is Caring4Girls and it focuses on keeping underprivileged girls in schools during their monthly cycles.
The programme was started in 2012 after Richard Mabaso (concept innovator) overhead a fearful conversation between his mom and his niece about menstruation which to this day is deemed taboo by many societies. Action thereafter, Richard took it upon himself to establish a historic climb for dignity named: Trek4Mandela expedition.
Research has revealed that most poor girls miss up to 50 days of school annually due to the lack of access to adequate sanitary protection.
Imbumba Foundation established Caring4Girls programme: to achieve the following:
• Reach and support as many poor girls as possible.
• Create puberty awareness through education and training using the booklet.
• Establish Caring4Girls Advocacy Groups in schools.
• Reduce high number of school absenteeism and drop-outs caused by menstrual related challenges.

Caring4Girls focuses on the following areas: education and training on: puberty and menstrual hygiene management including: handling, usage and disposal of sanitary towels. Our ultimate goal is to increase access to adequate sanitary protection for girls who live below poverty line.

Working in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and other stakeholders, we have set ourselves the following national targets: reaching and supporting 270 000 girls (in line with 27 years of Mandela's prison term) in 2015 and a total of 2 Million girls by year 2020.

For as little as R25.00 per month or R300 per year you can keep a girl child in school during her monthly cycles.