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The Isaac & Jessie Kaplan Jewish Museum

The museum narrates the story of South African Jewry from its early beginnings, set against the backdrop of South African history over a period of more than 150 years. We cover a number of areas of interest, including South African history, mining, commerce, Eastern European history, contemporary South African politics as well as an overview of the Jewish community’s contribution in all its aspects of South African history and conscience.

The SAJM Education Outreach Programme is designed to support the Grades 5- 6 Life Skills, and Grades 7 Life Orientation Curricula and provide learners with an opportunity to develop life skills and knowledge through interactive, informative, and experiential learning. In keeping with curriculum requirements, the programme includes active learning, dialogue, and critical thinking. It has been enthusiastically endorsed by the Chief Curriculum Advisors in the Western Cape Education Department.

The programme aims to create an understanding, gain knowledge and an appreciation of religious and cultural diversity within our society, to appreciate the commonalities between different cultural and religious groups and to respect the dignity, rights and values of people from different religions and cultures.