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Kloof Conservancy

Kloof Conservancy, founded in 1993, is an active, vibrant organisation run by volunteers who aim to promote environmental awareness and conserve our area’s outstanding natural heritage for present and future generations. Special attention is paid to habitat restoration, invasive alien plant (IAP) eradication, sustainable living issues, environmental education, public participation and outreach to previously disadvantaged neighbouring communities as a part of a process of expanding the “green footprint”. We believe that the efforts and contributions of people and businesses are key to the sustainability conservation in Kloof.

Kloof Conservancy relies on its community of members and its relationship with the community at large to further its goals. The conservancy aims to be a friendly and cooperative organisation. We aim to be outspoken in our environmental advocacy on a local level, and if required, on a regional or national level. We also aim to foster effective communication with our members, other environmental organisations, and the broader public. Kloof Conservancy has an operational strategy which relies on its membership as a whole but requires individuals and small teams to run or contribute to various projects. We aim to be innovative in strategies and projects, and easily identifiable to the public as an effective, local environmental organisation.