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The Knysna Education Trust

The Knysna Education Trust

To improve the quality of education and learning for young children, the organisation will:

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1. Provide certified Early Childhood Development training to teachers.
2. Equip preschools with age and language appropriate educational equipment and learning tools.
3. Develop mathematical concepts in children through the NUMICON programme.
4. Develop mother-tongue literacy in children through the FONIX programme.
5. Maximise the first 1000 days development in a child’s life through practical caregiver and parent training.
6. Establish feeding schemes promoting healthy development.
7. Educate parents to support the young child’s development at home.
8. Support preschools to obtain registration through the government departments
9. Train and equip governing bodies to ensure sustainable and well run preschools
10. Establish a practical teacher training facility in a model preschool environment