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Thembalethu Care Organization

Thembalethu Care Organization is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization that seeks to share God’s love, care and goodness to the Amangwe community and beyond.

Thembalethu trains and supports home-based caregivers – Training and support to community based home-caregivers in health education (HIV/AIDS and ARV Treatment, TB, palliative care, support of orphaned and vulnerable children, psychosocial and spiritual support) and they in turn pass this information onto our clients and community at large.

Home-Based Hospice Care and Adherence Support— Thembalethu cares for patients and their families every month through home-based hospice visits, providing palliative nursing care, psychosocial support, pain and symptom management and spiritual support. These patients have been diagnosed with HIV, TB, cancer, and debilitating stroke or another life-limiting conditions.

Support Groups to HIV positive adolescents -- We have over 70 HIV positive children and youth in our programmes and have held four adherence camps to date to support these children with their understanding of their diagnosis, their acceptance and coping skills as well as the importance of good adherence to their medications.

Orphan and Vulnerable Children and Youth — Thembalethu provides care for orphaned and vulnerable children and Youth in their homes throughout the villages where we work. We have assisted numerous families access birth certificates and foster care grants and care for themselves. We also provide emergency nutritional support for malnourished and at-risk children, and provide HIV testing and counselling for children, as well as school uniforms for those most in need.

Early Childhood Development Support — We support 26 rural creches in our local area to uplift the early childhood development of the future generation. In our regular workshops we provide training and support through: curriculum ideas, lesson planning, child protection and health, and donated toys and supplies. We also provide maize meal support to a dozen of these creches to support the fight against childhood malnutrition.

Community Resource Centre — We have our offices in the middle of the deep rural community where we operate as a community resource centre. Once a month we host a rehabilitation outreach from Estcourt Hospital to provide speech, physio, occupational therapy, dietician and optomological support to disabled children and other community members with disabilities requiring support.

Community Mobilization — We work together with local partners to raise awareness to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, TB and gender-based violence, with a special current focus on preventing HIV transmission from mother to child. We host, organize and speak at community events and follow-up with HIV testing services to those seeking to know their (child’s) status. We run camps for youth focusing on lifeskills, HIV and pregnancy prevention. We are also an active member in the Operation Sukuma Sakhe programme in our local wards, assisting our networking and cooperation with government departments.