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Thembelihle School

Thembelihle is an independent school that provides a quality education to young children from under-resourced communities and disadvantaged backgrounds in the villages surrounding the Howick region, within the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The School is a registered non-profit organisation that caters for over 400 primary school children offering a holistic education rooted in Christian values. Our scholars are provided the very best opportunity to succeed through the commitment of our teaching staff and the world-class facilities offered on our campus. At Thembelihle we believe that access to a quality education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty as it renews hope within communities by equipping children with knowledge and life skills which foster innovation and excellence.

All attending Thembelihle School benefit from our nurturing and integrated approach to education which encourages the academic, spiritual, social and physical development of our children. Our constructive and progressive educational approach utilises hands-on learning and creative design activities to explore Science, Technology, English, Mathematics and the Arts. In this manner we develop the unique talents of every child and teach them to think critically and creatively so they reach their full potential and subsequently have access to the most competitive high school and tertiary programs offered in our country. Through all the programmes that are made available to the children, we hope to enrich their lives and empower them to be South Africa's future young professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders.