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The Napier Centre 4 Healing Trust

The Napier Centre 4 Healing (NC4H) seeks to address an urgent need. There are literally thousands of people addicted to whoonga (low-grade heroin) and other substances in Durban, many of whom end up living on the streets.

Those who do want to transform their lives cannot afford the prohibitively high costs of private rehabilitation centres. And those who attend the government detoxification program have nowhere to go upon completion of the program except back to the streets where they quickly relapse into the grip of addiction.

The NC4H provides the secondary care that most people with addiction require by assisting addicts who have gone through the detoxification process but are not yet ready to life live without some assistance. We provide a homely environment for homeless, street dwelling substance abusers to rebuild their lives. We offer these services at no cost to beneficiaries.

Our rehabilitation program is based on a whole-person approach to healing and a belief in grace-filled personal transformation. The goal is to return the beneficiary to their spiritual roots. In operation since June 2019, the NC4H offers a holistic, primary care treatment program that returns residents to society psychologically stable, equipped with skills to lead productive livelihoods and reintegrated with either family and/or a healing and supportive community.

We embrace the "pay it forward" concept where beneficiaries of our program repay the kindness received to others instead of to the NC4H. They contribute to society by passing on the benefit received from the Napier Centre.

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