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The organisation is a Non- Profitable entity created for the purpose of rebuilding and affirming the best socio- economic principles. That govern human behaviours and conduct.

These principles amongst other issues state and elerate the importance of the human values of self respect and respect of the dignity and rights of others are the most importantissues whose promotion is a must for all humanity.

It is especial so in the following main area of life:
a.Health and persuit of the best healthy lifestyle.
b.Education and persuit of the best modes of self improvements through skills and development.
c. And that every person in the community is its neighbour`s keeper.
d. Support for the physically challenged.
e. Support HIV and AIDS and Tubercolosis patients
f. Support patients with chronic diseases.
g. Support to the hearing -impaired
h. Support to the blind.
i. Diseases that affect small children aged from birth to age five (5) years and are the result of high death in those age groups.
j. To secure a healthy enviroment.