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The Organ Donor Foundation

The role of the Organ Donor Foundation is to educate and inform the public about the life-saving benefits of organ transplantation and the urgent need for peple to register as organ donors. Sadly, many people with healthy organs die unexpectantly every year due to injury or brain conditions. Their families are then faced with the dilemma of deciding whether to donate their organs. The Organ Donor Foundation aims to motivate everyone to consider the issue of organ donation timeously and to make their wishes known to their families.


We are guided in our daily work by the need to meet and exceed these aims and objectives:

To build a foundation of public trust and confidence, and to instil a willingness and enthusiasm in all South Africans to offer the gift of life through organ donation.
To offer every South African the opportunity and the right to receive direct education about organ donation.
To educate the public and especially the medical fraternity through the mass media, public relations and direct marketing on issues relating to organ donation and transplantation.
To provide participation opportunities to individuals and organisations through a volunteer network.
To form an alliance with companies and service organisations.