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The Parent Centre

We have 4 programmes each with a particular focus. The Parent Infant Home Visiting Programmes provides information and support to pregnant women in their homes, during and after the birth of their baby, to encourage positive parent/infant attachment. The Teen Parenting programme provides parenting and life skills training for teenage parents and caregivers which equips them to be more effective, responsible, nurturing mothers and fathers or caregivers. Training is conducted with groups of teenage parents and caregivers who are still attending school as well as groups of teenagers and caregivers who have left school. The PACES Programme contributes towards widening the safety net for children through group-based work with parents and caregivers. The programme consists of parenting workshops, talks, training and support groups. Counseling is aimed at engaging the parent into a partnership where information is shared and the parent/caregiver's own problem-solving ability is facilitated.